Our services

Expert Security Team


 Our security operatives are fully trained in the protection of valuable goods and are fully bonded. They have received expert training to deal with every scenario, which can take place in regards to transporting valuable assets. Their vast training and experience has provided them with the skill and manoeuvrability to provide optimal protection and safety to the cargo. 

Transport across UK & Europe


 Our team is experienced in transporting assets both short and long distances. Our security operatives are bonded in multiple countries; therefore, we can transport valuable asset across borders if necessary. We can provide multi-guard teams to transport the asset when going long distances allowing operatives to securely switch out at designated points along the way. There are primary and alternate points and operatives randomly radio ahead to the next rally point to change relay points to increase the security of the transport. 

Asset Protection


 Our security team is experienced in transporting all types of valuable assets whether it is a private collection, jewels for a broker, items from a pawnbroker, or books from a valuable book collector. Your items have never been safer with our experienced and trusted security operatives. Contact us today to see how we can handle your valuable assets escort needs 

Security Drivers


 There are many reasons that someone might need the assistance of security drivers. Having true protection when you need it the most can take away much of the stress of travel. Our specialist drivers are fully trained to provide complete protection for our clients. We have the capacity to handle all types of security issues, giving you the complete service that you need for your peace of mind. 

Family Protection


 We understand that you want to do everything possible to keep your family safe. So whether your family has a high profile status or you need travel protection, we have got it covered.

Our discreet and experienced Family Security Officers – some of whom are female – understand the sensitive nature of working with a family.

Home Watch - Residential Security


 We look after a growing number of clients who require enhanced security for their homes. Our Residential Security Teams are made up of qualified Close Protection Officers with extensive experience in private security work. All staff are personable, discreet and highly
professional, and each residential security plan is tailored to meet individual requirements.

Travel & Risk Advisory


 We provide clients with a Travel Advice and Crisis Response (TACR) service,
to inform them of specific conditions that may affect their safety and security abroad. In addition, our risk advisory service gives clients a comprehensive understanding of the operational and strategic risks they may face in new or emerging markets and challenging locations. We work closely with our clients to mitigate the risks identified.

Crisis Support


 International Executives face increasingly complex security challenges,
including extortion, abduction, corporate espionage and terrorism.
These risks have the potential to inflict significant damage to business,
personnel and professional reputation. And yet, most companies are unprepared to manage a crisis. We will work with your company to establish a corporate crisis
plan with clearly defined boundaries and responsibilities 

Discreet Escort


 When required a discreet personal escort can be provided to ensure the security of the client or clients whilst on the move. The escort could be anything from one single bodyguard to a full four person team, depending upon the level of the threat. 

Surveillance Protection & Monitoring


We provide discreet protection surveillance for those who may pose a real threat of criminal activity, harassment or intimidation against them, but wish to continue a normal lifestyle without over protection terms or travel somewhere without drawing attention.

We employ Male or Female protective surveillance officers who can operate discreetly in accordance with political, cultural and religious environments the client requires.

Dinner Engagements



Going out for a meal shouldn’t be a cause for concern. We’ll make sure you feel totally safe throughout any meal or Dinner Engagement.

Sporting Events


 Like any big crowded event, things can quickly become overwhelming, we’ll make sure you stay totally in control and safe. 

Corporate Meetings


 Having a lot of important people in one location can be a real security risk. Fortunately, that’s a situation we can deal with. 

Shopping Trips in London and elsewhere


 Sometimes you just want to head out and do a little shopping without any fuss, we can make that happen. We under stand you may have concerns depending on where you may go shopping or whom with but let us deal with those concerns.